2016 Labor Projects

Each summer our students perform four hours of physical labor each day, participating in one of three rotating labor teams: kitchen, farm and garden, and maintenance and construction. In addition to feeding the community and working on the farm, here is a list of concrete projects our students completed around the AMS campus in the summer of 2016:

  • Rebuilt Woodside’s failing deck railing.
  • Replaced and fixed fascia/gutters on westside of Woodside
  • Replaced Christine’s House deck.
  • Shored up the large grape arbor and reinstalled the swing. 
  • Installed the replacement window in the treehouse
  • Dredged the silt pond
  • Built and launched a new raft for the pond
  • Made an anchor and buoy system for pond raft(s)
  • Installed a roof on the “day student” bike shed. Moved the metal bike rack to said shed
  • Moved the woodpile from the ballfield to Falcon/Elizabeth’s Hall
  • Split and stocked wood at Woodside/Falcon
  • Finished painting Elizabeth’s Hall trim
  • Re-handled a dozen mauls
  • Built a composting toilet and humanure system for future Arete students
  • Complete rebuild of passive solar greenhouse beds
  • Cleaned up old fencing DAS and at Moon Field
  • Kept water bars and ditches clear, mucked the new barn, milked Nettle, weeded/seeded/harvested garden