Program Director

Kavita Hardy believes deeply in education that builds confidence and capacity through meaningful work and empowered decision-making in addition to intellectual pursuit. Since 2011, she has worked at Arthur Morgan School, where she developed an encompassing academic curriculum and pioneered a model of combining the work of the school with an academically rigorous classroom experience. She is currently the farm manager and co-clerk at AMS. In her free time, she loves looking for mushrooms and wildflowers in the woods, dipping her toes in the South Toe River, and feeding people. Kavita received her B.A. in chemistry and economics from Swarthmore College.


Seminar Chair

Ruth Martin Curry┬áis a Ph.D candidate in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University. After graduating from a great books program at the University of Chicago, she worked in college admissions and with high school students at Gary Comer College Prep. She has taught for the Odyssey Project, offering free, college-level courses to low-income adults, and for Chicago Field Studies, Northwestern’s academic internship program. For the last two summers, she served as Academic Coordinator for Engage Chicago, an eight-week residential field studies program designed to immerse undergraduates in the theory and practice of social change. In one of her favorite roles, as a graduate fellow for the Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life, she mentored 18 undergraduates over three years as they developed a mutually-beneficial project with community partners. Ruth is excited to bring her prior experience to a new model of experiential learning and liberal arts education.

Labor Coordinator

Tal Galton is an educator, a naturalist, a father, and a modern-day homesteader. For much of the past two decades, his passion for alternative education was focused on expanding the programs and honing the governance practices of Arthur Morgan School. At AMS he served as a teacher, a trip leader, an administrator, and the farm manager. Tal is now launching a Celo-based naturalist/guide service, Snakeroot Ecotours. He lives in Celo Community in the timber-frame home that he and his wife, Jessica, designed and built out of local trees. Tal likes to pick mushrooms, catch snakes, find interesting plants, and hike and run the trails of the Black Mountains and South Toe Valley.