Laura Marcus, Executive Director

Laura Marcus is committed to a vision of education that integrates the active life with the life of the mind. As founding director of the Arete Project, she has worked with her students to create experiential and liberal educational programs that prepare students to be thoughtful stewards of the world around them. Prior to founding the Arete Project, Laura worked at Deep Springs College and as a ranger with the National Park Service. Laura has her B.A. from Yale University, her M.Phil from the University of Cambridge, and is a doctoral candidate at Stanford University. In her spare time, she is an avid backpacker, reader, and cook.

Kavita Hardy, Blue Ridge Session Program Director

Kavita Hardy believes deeply in education that builds confidence and capacity through meaningful work and empowered decision-making in addition to intellectual pursuit. Since 2011, she has worked at Arthur Morgan School, where she developed an encompassing academic curriculum and pioneered a model of combining the work of the school with an academically rigorous classroom experience. She is currently the farm manager and co-clerk at AMS. In her free time, she loves looking for mushrooms and wildflowers in the woods, dipping her toes in the South Toe River, and feeding people. Kavita received her B.A. in chemistry and economics from Swarthmore College.


Standing Committees


Applications Committee Outreach and Recruitment Committee
Nicole Cheng ’16 Emily Barr ’17, Co-Chair
Kavita Hardy Kavita Hardy
Hanwen Hu ’17 Annie Livingston ’16
Huiqin Hu ’17 Haitian Ma ’17
Noa Kattler Kupetz ’17, Co-Chair John Moriarty
Juna Keehn ’17, Co-Chair Katie Murphy ’15
Olivia Lawrence-Weilmann ’14 Paige Parsons ’17, Co-Chair
Laura Marcus Molly Stuart ’16
Margaret Schultz ’16
Faculty Hiring Committee Financial Aid Committee
Zoe Färber, ’16 Emily Clott ’17
Ruilin Fan ’17, Co-Chair Sydney Goldman ’15
Leila Faulstich-Hon ’17 Chloé Guilbert-Savary ’17, Co-Chair
Amanda Friedman ’15 Katrina Lee ’17
Jennifer Keller Laura Marcus
Laura Marcus Belén Rodriguez ’16
Shubhra Murarka ’16, Co-Chair Tabea Roschka ’17, Co-Chair
Anna Stonehocker ’17 Neel Sejer Solow ’17

Board of Directors


Joseph Charlet, UVA Law School
Laura Gerhart, Executive Director, The Hub for Direct Community Action
Caroline Kanner ’15, Alum Representative, The Arete Project
Amity Wilzcek, Dean, Deep Springs College

Past Years


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